Live Group Processes via ZOOM

During these processes, you will be guided into a powerful heart activation, so that you can effectively tap into the transformative power of love.

These processes are designed to support our ability to tackle the challenges of the present time with positivity, harnessing the power of love. 

Live Group Interactive Session are available via ZOOM every month!

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The Light Beyond

Welcome to a deep, transformative process by Devi Mohan called “The Light Beyond.”

During this process, you will be guided into a powerful heart activation, so that you can effectively tap into the transformative power of love. Become an instrument of awakening on Earth instead of simply reacting to the events of life, overwhelmed by the constant fear-based information.

Discover and activate your innate ability to transform physical reality through love. Based on her own life-saving past experience of instant heart activation, Devi conveys this knowledge in a powerful, authentic way.


Awakening Yoga Nidra

Awakening Yoga Nidra is one of the latest methods blessed by Mohanji and is conducted by Devi Mohan. It is based on the ancient method of effective, progressive relaxation called Yoga Nidra (conscious yogic sleep), a beautiful method of inner cleansing, balancing and empowerment done in the receptive alpha state of mind.

Awakening Yoga Nidra however goes a step further than the standard Yoga Nidra: the Grace of Guru Tattwa (the Guru Principle within) is invoked and, as Devi connects with the higher consciousness through her own spiritual guide Mohanji, she guides the group through a process of intense inner cleansing, bringing back the memory of the Soul’s journey and the Light beyond all the veils of illusion.


Born into Aboundance Yoga Nidra

Welcome to a beautiful journey within – in the receptive alpha state of mind.

‘Born Into Abundance’ is a deep process by Devi Mohan that was a part of the recent Online Retreat with Mohanji – “Open the Doors to Abundance”. This is the first time this exclusive process blessed by Mohanji is being available to general public.

Through this process one gets to journey through different stages of life, starting with the prenatal womb stage and early childhood, during which many of our inner blockages get created and imbedded deep into the subconscious mind.


Group Mai-Tri Session

Welcome to a deep process of inner cleansing and balancing leading to self-healing. In this process you will be guided to dig deep and address the inner ‘body of pain’, also referred to as the inner shadow in order to then soar high into gratitude, surrender and higher vibration that allows self-healing at all levels.

Through the Group Mai-Tri session (90 min long), you will have the chance to remove a lot of inner weight which is difficult to access from the level of conscious mind and sheer willpower.

The main part of Group Mai-Tri is elevation of one’s frequency through gratitude and connection with the higher consciousness.


Conscious Dancing

Conscious Dancing is a highly effective meditation through a free, unstructured dance. As a powerful technique of balancing the chakras, Conscious Dancing awakens the vertical dimension of being while one dances fully focused within.

The result is pure bliss and lightness that lasts for hours after Conscious Dancing. During this beautiful process, a profound inner alignment takes place as we strengthen and balance each chakra, one by one, connecting vertically with the higher consciousness (for more information, please visit )