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Surya Namaskar


Surya Namaskar

Biljana Mohan

Surya Namaskar is the most complete and balance set of bodily movements possible. Through this blessed sequence of asanas combined with breathwork, Chakras are balanced, endocrine system is gradually optimized, spine becomes suppler, metabolic rate gets increased, etc. In fact, it is said that 10 minutes of Surya Namaskar (with proper breathing) is equal to the effect of one hour of light jogging.  

Surya Namaskar is also done for deep Lymph node drainage.  Two-thirds of the lymph are produced in the liver and intestines. With continuous bending up and down in a blissful flow, Surya Namaskar strengthens the navel chakra, increases our inner fire Agni (important for immunity and ability to digest even most painful situations of life) and can increase lymph flow 20 fold!