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Testimonial by Lori from Sedona, USA after Awakening Yoga Nidra session that Devi conducted on 28 April 2019


"As I opened and expanded in every moment of the inner journey led by Deviji during the Awakening Yoga Nidra guided meditation, the being known to me as "I" morphed into another being. This sacred experience through which Deviji took us so lovingly felt like the blessing of lifetimes. The journey was so vivid, steeped with so much grace, that this experience will be a rich source for me to continue to return to and integrate within myself .
Mohanji and the Masters blessed me all along the way and truly surprised me with their methods. There were no ordinary scenes that I witnessed from within. They were filled with immense joy and a playfulness that drew me in and opened me. The profound content of the Masters' presence and their actions was so personal and appropriate to me, that I found myself peeling open with smiles and laughter like a child. 
They prepared me for the second half of the journey. Following only the safety of Deviji’s voice, I bravely faced the darkest parts of myself, loved, and embraced them. In doing so, a large portion of me was recovered and joined into me. This was a profound healing process. At the end of the journey, when brought before the Masters, something interesting happened. I noticed a screen in front of me 2 feet high, blocking my view. There was an intensity building of me trying to figure out what this was, and patiently staying with myself while listening to the intensity of Deviji’s voice calling out. I also began calling out from within, mimicking Deviji. AT some point the screen began dissolving and at this moment I could see the great luminous form of Mahavatar Babaji, in a crowd of Masters' pulsating and vibrating energy. I kept calling out with an intensity from within me, humbly asking to serve the Masters in my daily life. The form I recognized as Babaji slowly, ever so slightly, glanced in my direction, and I was completely electrified. This energy shot through me, pulsating, and I was completely immovable, suspended with most of the body a few inches off the ground. I was completely flooded in Babaji’s grace. 
When the Awakening Yoga Nidra completed, I slowly gathered myself as Deviji spoke with others who shared their experience. And when she at one point asked me how was it for me, the only thing I could say was that I felt like a different person than the one that began the process. She looked at me and said with a soft smile, 'Well, after all, the name of the program is 'The New Me'. 
Thank you again for all that you do dear Devi, who you are, and for being such a shining beacon for us all.
You have deepened me, and given me so much!
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lori"  

Testimonial by Matthew Cells from Sedona, who attended the "M-Powered Weekend" with Devi Mohan in Sedona in May 2019:


“Devi’s elegant tapestry of sound, energy navigation and vast intelligence, transcends the normal boundaries of religion and culture. We were lifted into the realm of spontaneous manifestation. Devi is both an Oracle and assistant to an ancient transformation. We who were honored to participate, feel/know the profound mystical infrastructure on an individual and universal level. Through a bridge to a re-found connection, Divine Unity was reborn, orchestrated by Love and wisdom within Devi’s capacity. Thank you so very much.”

Side stretches.jpg
LA group.jpg

Here's what some lovely people had to say about their experience of the programs that Devi conducted during her US Tour in April-May 2019:

“Devi is an incredibly warmhearted, fun, dedicated, spiritual teacher who left me full of healing, joy, and unconditional love. She has amazing motherly vibes. Her Yoga Nidra is out of this world, so worth it.”
-Ivanna Ganame, HSTY + Awakening Yoga Nidra program at One Life Yoga, LA, April 2019

“The beauty of what Devi Mohan shares during an individual Mai-Tri session is evidence of her divine heart. Her focused attention is truly transformational, but any time in her presence is a blessing. Near Devi, every moment blossoms into an artful lesson, a healing, a casual miracle, or subtle awakening. Mercy, hope, courage, gratitude—who but the Queen of Heaven could bestow such gifts? With her inspiring life of selfless service, her effortless devotion, and saintly humility, Devi proves she is more Mother than Queen.”
-Jasmine Jones, Mai-Tri, LA, April 2019

“Attending Devi’s event was magical! Devi’s energy is warm and inviting. Her laughter is contagious and I found myself laughing more that evening, as well as the following days, than I’ve laughed collectively in the past year! I really enjoyed the Awakening Yoga Nidra experience. I felt very light and free during her guided meditation. I was able to feel energies around me supporting my process as well as a deep healing. I left feeling deeply grateful and looking forward to future gatherings with Devi! Thank you, Devi Mohan!”
-Gahana Shayew, HSTY + Awakening Yoga Nidra program at One Life Yoga, LA, April 2019

Testimonial from Bor Lake Retreat in Serbia in Nov 2017.

Photo: Devi leads a morning Yoga session for the group of 140 people.

Morning sessions of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga with Devi Mohan during the recent Retreat with Mohanji at Bor Lake were simply phenomenal! It was just amazing with how much love, ease and spontaneity Devi conveyed the pearls of Yoga wisdom during the morning sessions. The feeling of this love and ease was so strong. With many years of Yoga teaching and sincere Yoga practice behind me, all I can say is thank you. I bow down to Divine in you dear Devi. After the Retreat my heart was filled with joy. All these years of intense search for meaning, Yoga practice and Yoga teaching, finally it all just clicked within me. The entire event was a profoundly deep, conscious cleansing and opening, and yet it was done with such ease, purity and simplicity that it blew my mind. I hope to be able to have this experience again soon. Keep shining. Lots of love.

Vesna Vujic

(Kula, Serbia)

Testimonial from one of the Sedona Retreat participants:

Photo: Blissful smiles during Sedona Retreat with Mohanji. Sedona, Arizona USA, March 2017.

Pic 15 - Sedona Retreat, group photo.jpg

I have been teaching and learning yoga for over twenty five years. The classes of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga with Devi Mohan at the Retreat with Mohanji in Sedona in March 2017 were unlike any yoga experience I have ever had. They were by far the best I’ve ever taken. I became involved in yoga because of the Traditional unity of yoga of body-mind-spirit and a greater understanding of myself and my own significance in the world. Yoga to me is about UNITY, the original “System Design Model.” We are all connected and it begins with a connection to one’s self. These series are transformational. Devi has such a beautiful knowledge of the most powerful and original teachings of Yoga and how the body and breath lead to life. I’m eternally grateful and honored and will use my new knowledge for the well-being of myself and others. Thank you Devi.

Trish McCarty

(Sedona, USA, March 2017)

Devi’s Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga in the Sedona Retreat with Mohanji have been an essential part of our walking the heart-centered path. Her clarity, laughter, love and devotion to her students lightened the most difficult poses and helped us push through our deepest resistance. Through all her teaching she lovingly helped put us back in our bodies – a perfect preparation to receive Mohanji’s Shaktipat. With total gratitude and appreciation, Pamela Bloom

Pamela Bloom

(Sedona, USA, March 2017)

Testimonials from Devi’s regular Yoga students from Novi Sad, Serbia

Photo: Yoga with Devi Mohan at her Datta Tapovan Yoga studio in Novi Sad, Serbia, 2016

Yoga with Devi Mohan, Datta Tapovan, Serbia - Naukasana, 2016.jpg

For years I’ve suffered from neck and shoulder pain. Thanks to Devi Mohan’s Yoga classes and stretching during the same, after some time the pain slowly disappeared. Moreover, my posture has always been bad as my back was always slightly bent. After two to three months of Yoga practice with Devi, my posture improved dramatically. 

At Devi’s Yoga class we always do breathing techniques as well. At first I could not get enough air while doing some of them as my lung capacity was quite small. At that time I was a smoker. With my Yoga practice my body slowly started to reject cigarettes. I started feeling that my lungs will burst if I light another cigarette. That’s how I managed to quit smoking – it just left me. Now I can do all the breathing exercises without any problem, with full lungs. And I feel great!

Through my Yoga practice I realized that we are the ones who push our own boundaries, the boundaries of our mind and our perceived physical abilities. Yoga helps us live a life of much higher quality, to build our self-confidence and do our best in whatever it is that we do.

Ankica Karanović

(Novi Sad, Serbia, 2016)

To me, Yoga has been an unforgettable experience, love at first sight. I truly look forward to every Yoga session and after the session I feel as light as a butterfly! All that thanks to our wonderful Devi.

Ivana Vujinović

(Novi Sad, Serbia, 2016)

Devi in RA MA.jpg

testimonial by sreyashi C. from RA MA Yoga Center, Los Angeles, usa, April 2019

"I would like to request my beloved Shirdi Sai Baba to help me write about my experiences with Devi (Mohan) ji in Los Angeles in April 2019 as authentically as possible. It was His Grace that first introduced me to the Mohanji Universe through youtube videos and the blogs shared on the various Mohanji pages on facebook. When I landed upon the Devi Mohan facebook page, I felt as if I was staring at an Angel in all white. From then onwards, I had a strong yearning in my heart to be in Her Divine presence and within a month I saw the first advertisement on the Mohanji USA facebook page that Devi ji is coming to the United States. The location that was shared was in Sedona and as much as I made up my mind that I am going there no matter what, problems began to crop up. Going to Sedona would mean travelling on weekdays (because the programs there were on Sunday and Monday), the combined flight+shuttle+hotel fares would be expensive.But letting go of this would mean letting go of an opportunity of a lifetime. So, I surrendered at Sai's feet earnestly praying Sai please make this happen. The next day again another program was shared that Devi was coming to LA first and the program there was on a Saturday! That meant I don't have to makeup stories about being sick in the workplace anymore! I could go on a Friday and return on a Sunday. Great! The hotel when i checked in was Westin Bonaventure which was just across the street from LA grand hotel where I was supposed to meet Devi for the first time. Everything was beautifully orchestrated by the Divine Consciousness.Jasmine (who is so sweet and supportive that it demands a separate story of its own) who organized the event met me in the lobby of the grand hotel and took me to Devi's room. As soon as I stepped in, a really strong lump formed in my throat and my mind was strongly admonishing my adult self not to break down. I vaguely remember Devi cheerfully smiling and welcoming me into the Mai-Tri healing session. My super-lazy physical frame full of Tamas and my super-judgemental mind full of rigid concepts somehow just forgot what they have been consistently doing so far and fell at Devi's feet. I was howling more than I was crying while Devi lovingly picked me up, made me sit on the couch while she herself sat on the floor. The sobs were slowly subsiding when Devi asked "How did you know reach here?" and the waterworks started again with

full force. "I have done nothing in this lifetime to deserve this" was the only thing that came out of my mouth. The ego had really planned before to say how long my flight was, how little I had eaten and how miserable I am due to my never ending PhD. But other than waves of gratitude engulfing me, my mind had gone completely blank. As Devi proceeded towards doing the actual healing I just lay there fully conscious, thinking I have cried enough for the remaining of this lifetime and should be composed for the rest of the evening. We talked about Shirdi Sai Baba, the blocks from my past lifetimes and many things I have never heard before. Still, nothing felt new, as if I was just beginning to wake up from a really long nap and Devi's nectar-like words were guiding me.

In the evening we were supposed to meet at RA MA Yoga studio but I wasn't sure how to reach there. Once again, the lovely couple Elham and Farshad welcomed me into their car as they were taking Devi from the hotel to the Yoga studio. I clearly was getting way more than I had even dreamt of! Elham was saying about how Mohanji's grace was helping in her driving as she miraculously was skipping four lanes simultaneously without bumping into any other car :D.

The evening program started with Devi guiding us into Conscious Dancing. To say I loved it would be an understatement, but I don't know any other words that can do justice to what I was feeling at that time. I have only danced to Bollywood songs before (during family gatherings) and even then I was very conscious of people watching. But here, among all the wonderful ladies who were attending the program, I somehow felt totally non-judged. I closed my eyes, forgot about everything else, and danced my heart out. Everything that happened after that is a vague memory. 

We were told to sit down for the Power of Purity meditation. Devi at one point placed her hand on my head for the Mohanji Energy Transfer. At that very moment my mind decided to unleash its cruel self saying nothing is going to help. "You are so full of negativity..the pure energy cannot enter you", it said. Again my beloved Sai came to the rescue because I saw his feet and surrendered saying "What comes to me is Your Will and whatever does not come to me is certainly Your Will."

I have tried several meditations before this but my main regret was that, halfway through the meditation, my eyes would just pop open. This time also I was waiting for the inevitable. As my eyelids started to flutter I was sadly thinking "Here it comes, another incomplete meditation!" But somehow my fluttering eyelids and hyperactive panic-ridden mind could not open the eyes because they were so heavy, as if somebody was sitting on the eyes! After that I entered a completely blank trance and did not feel like opening the eyes even when the meditation ended.
After the session there was some sweet chitchat about Devi's experiences and other people's questions that I don't clearly remember because my thirsty being was still soaking in the energy of the room.

All along the day I was thinking that I wish I had got some flowers for Deviji. Before everybody left, the very sweet Jasmine, whom I knew less than a day, got me to a side, handed me a garland and said: "If you wish you can put the garland around Deviji's neck. I could not even thank her properly for such a sweet gesture but rushed to Deviji and, this time in full consciousness, put the garland around her neck and hugged her tight. My heart was still doing somersaults as we took photos and bid Devi and everybody else the final goodbye for the day.

I didn't even know at that time this was only the beginning of Divine Grace touching me. Jasmine and I went back that night to the hotel room where Devi did the Mai-Tri sessions. We were packing up and sharing experiences when, due to a very small mishap by the hotel staff, they ended up sending a feast (lots of food) with a Sprite (I love Soda!) to the room. That's when Jasmine and I both realized that we hadn't eaten much throughout the day and that it is nobody but the Divine Mother taking care of us :)

I will stop here saying my inner consciousness changed after coming back from LA. My stress levels automatically went down, random people everywhere are being super nice to me irrespective of whether I am working or buying groceries. My application for the Consciousness Kriya got accepted by the Mohanji team after I came back!! And for all these wonderful experiences I would thank Jasmine, Elham and Farshad from the bottom of my heart. May they always be blessed by the Divine for their extraordinary compassion.To the Love Incarnate - Devi Mohan herself, I would just want to hug her eternally and keep holding her feet till I merge with our Loving Father Sai.”
-Sreyashi Chakraborty, Mai-Tri + Conscious Dancing + Power of Purity. LA, April 2019