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Comment from Bor Lake Retreat in Serbia in Nov 2017. Photo: Devi leads a group of 140 people into Anjani asana, Bor, Serbia.

Morning sessions of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga with Devi Mohan during the recent Retreat with Mohanji at Bor Lake were simply phenomenal! It was just amazing with how much love, ease and spontaneity Devi conveyed the pearls of Yoga wisdom during the morning sessions. The feeling of this love and ease was so strong. With many years of Yoga teaching and sincere Yoga practice behind me, all I can say is thank you. I bow down to Divine in you dear Devi. After the Retreat my heart was filled with joy. All these years of intense search for meaning, Yoga practice and Yoga teaching, finally it all just clicked within me. The entire event was a profoundly deep, conscious cleansing and opening, and yet it was done with such ease, purity and simplicity that it blew my mind. I hope to be able to have this experience again soon. Keep shining. Lots of love.

Vesna Vujic

(Kula, Serbia)

Blissful smiles during Sedona Retreat with Mohanji. Sedona, Arizona USA, March 2017. Testimonial from one of the Retreat participants:

Pic 15 - Sedona Retreat, group photo.jpg

I have been teaching and learning yoga for over twenty five years. The classes of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga with Devi Mohan at the Retreat with Mohanji in Sedona in March 2017 were unlike any yoga experience I have ever had. They were by far the best I’ve ever taken. I became involved in yoga because of the Traditional unity of yoga of body-mind-spirit and a greater understanding of myself and my own significance in the world. Yoga to me is about UNITY, the original “System Design Model.” We are all connected and it begins with a connection to one’s self. These series are transformational. Devi has such a beautiful knowledge of the most powerful and original teachings of Yoga and how the body and breath lead to life. I’m eternally grateful and honored and will use my new knowledge for the well-being of myself and others. Thank you Devi.

Trish McCarty

(Sedona, USA, March 2017)

Devi’s Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga in the Sedona Retreat with Mohanji have been an essential part of our walking the heart-centered path. Her clarity, laughter, love and devotion to her students lightened the most difficult poses and helped us push through our deepest resistance. Through all her teaching she lovingly helped put us back in our bodies – a perfect preparation to receive Mohanji’s Shaktipat. With total gratitude and appreciation, Pamela Bloom

Pamela Bloom

(Sedona, USA, March 2017)

Yoga with Devi Mohan at Datta Tapovan Yoga studio in Novi Sad, Serbia, 2016

Yoga with Devi Mohan, Datta Tapovan, Serbia - Naukasana, 2016.jpg

For years I’ve suffered from neck and shoulder pain. Thanks to Devi Mohan’s Yoga classes and stretching during the same, after some time the pain slowly disappeared. Moreover, my posture has always been bad as my back was always slightly bent. After two to three months of Yoga practice with Devi, my posture improved dramatically. 

At Devi’s Yoga class we always do breathing techniques as well. At first I could not get enough air while doing some of them as my lung capacity was quite small. At that time I was a smoker. With my Yoga practice my body slowly started to reject cigarettes. I started feeling that my lungs will burst if I light another cigarette. That’s how I managed to quit smoking – it just left me. Now I can do all the breathing exercises without any problem, with full lungs. And I feel great!

Through my Yoga practice I realized that we are the ones who push our own boundaries, the boundaries of our mind and our perceived physical abilities. Yoga helps us live a life of much higher quality, to build our self-confidence and do our best in whatever it is that we do.

Ankica Karanović

(Novi Sad, Serbia, 2016)

To me, Yoga has been an unforgettable experience, love at first sight. I truly look forward to every Yoga session and after the session I feel as light as a butterfly! All that thanks to our wonderful Devi.

Ivana Vujinović

(Novi Sad, Serbia, 2016)