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Devi Mohan conducted a morning HSTY session, Conscious Dancing and Power of Purity meditation, Split, Croatia, July 8, 2018

Biljana Mohan

July 8, 2018
Split, Croatia

On 8 July 2018 Devi Mohan conducted a morning Yoga session as per the program of HSTY in Split, Croatia. Even though this was a morning right after World Cup when Croatia played (and won!) and majority of Croatian citizens were up until very late at night in celebration frenzy :-), the turnout was good and Yoga (followed by a beautiful experience sharing, Conscious Dancing and Power of Purity meditation) was received really well. Some people could see aura colours with naked eyes for the first time, some released certain blockages effectively for the first time - overall, the merry group would not disperse till late in the afternoon.

Gratitude to Damir from "Studio One", who hosted HSTY in his beautiful Yoga studio in Split this year as well.

Special gratitude to our amazing "Vege Mama" Ivana Surya who surprised all with a beautiful HSTY vegan cake- which disapperead right after the photo!