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Print media coverage - in Slovenia, December 2018

Devi and Mohandji for the first time in Slovenian media.jpg

Interview with Devi Mohan in Slovenian print media (Stajerac, 6 Dec 2018)

(about the choice of St. Ana as the new home and location of the future Mohanji ashram (spiritual center) in Slovenia, her Yoga teaching, charity work and life philosophy).

Online Media Coverage


Interview with Devi Mohan by Vegan First

“Peace on our plate - the effect Yoga has on our food choices”.

“If we make a conscious choice to elevate ourselves spiritually, to become more subtle and loving, and truer to ourselves, what then comes 100% naturally is unconditional love which excludes any form of violence. As we become more self-aware, someone’s leg or head on the plate will suddenly start to repel us. A complete inner software change happens, out of the blue. It becomes impossible for us to eat meat, to eat our friends. “

Read the full article here


Devi Mohan's "Introduction to Yoga" in the Awakening Times Magazine

Devi smiling.jpg

A fun interview (Part 1) by a lovely couple from Mantra Therapy during the Mohan family’s trip to London, UK in Aug 2018. In this video Devi shares her life experiences and insights, from the heart...

Part 2 of the interview by the lovely couple, Sneha and Prakash from Mantra Therapy UK: 
"Devi Mohan tells us about her spiritual journey from war torn Serbia to traveling the globe teaching and healing."

Mela TV interview with Devi Mohan during her visit to South Africa in September 2017.

She talks about the tradition of yoga and its many benefits that go beyond just the physical to aid one's spiritual progress.

Watch the Mela TV interview here

Devi Mohan in SA, You Tube.jpg

Radio show.jpg

A candid, lively radio interview on Lotus FM

with wonderful Alan Khan in which Devi Mohan speaks about her NDE experience, Yoga, experiential spirituality and joy of service. In Durban, September 2017

Listen to the interview >

Print media coverage

1) Devi Mohan's first interview about Yoga and her life journey: "Rebel with a Cause", Weekend Magazine, Dubai, UAE, June 2006

2) Interview with Mohanji and Devi Mohan in Novi Sad, Serbia in TV Magazin, 2017.

Yoga Sessions and Retreats

Images from various Yoga Retreats in Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, UK, US, South Africa, etc.