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One Mai-Tri testimonial that was shared by a lady who would like to stay anonymous.

Today I felt like sharing about the benefits of Mai-Tri that I have been experiencing.

There was an episode in my life where there was  a condition that made walking, eating and basic movements difficult and huge painkillers were used. With the help of energy healing under another healing modality, the condition disappeared and I have been living without medicine since quite some years and enjoying a good quality of life.  Doctors said it's a miracle  ...,

Recently the condition came back. I could not move properly etc. I took it slightly but was so much in pain, that I shared my condition with a M-healer. I started receiving regularly Mai-Tri healing. With regular Mai-Tri, my condition is improving tremendously and am not taking medication. Further I sleep better and is able to face my day in the corporate jungle. Previously it meant many days off work and huge medication but with Mai-Tri, there was no time for such thing, just constant healing happening.

Being a Mai-Tri healer myself, I realised that with Mai-Tri,  healing happens in each of the impression our soul carries. Once these are cleared, we are released and healings happen. Mai-Tri for me is a boon that transcends healing modalities to just touch on each of our imprinted condition for acceleration of highest good of oneself. This is just one example. There are more to share about my battle of duality or how Mohanji instantly found in Mai-Tri that I was suffering from a medical issue, without me even mentioning. All this is just with regular Mai-Tri healing. It is important to realise that deep imprinted issues will not be sorted in one-session, it requires discipline from the client to accept a few healing session and trust the process. Mai-Tri works not in our aura/energy field, it works deep deep down in our imprints we are carrying through life-time.

Mai-Tri is not interfering in my Karma. I am in body and it is normal I will have pain when having a medical condition, but I am gracefully flowing to work,driving my car and doing my own things independently. I also enormously help in M work locally.

So how is this possible? The answer  according to my experience is-  Mai- Tri is a soul impression release system that is acting on the deepest layer of our karmic and ancestral impression, DNA and neuron to deliver an ‘impression free soul’ that can ultimately merge as an energy to the highest consciousness when the times come. I personally feel my body is tired, that am very old but yet am functioning very well. So is it me or is it Mohanji carrying me...

This is how Devi describes the experience of Mai-Tri healing:

“Loving, warm energy penetrating deep within, all the way to the causal layer....

The experience of Mai-Tri healing is beyond words. It is difficult to say what I enjoy more - teaching Yoga or being an instrument of this special healing technique.

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In Mai-Tri Healing, the healer sets the intention of not touching the destiny aspect of karma (the prarabdha karma), which is what the soul chose to experience in this life. The healer connects with Mohanji's consciousness and is a pure instrument of Grace.

Payments are donation-based and 50% of the amount goes to charity, specifically to feeding of the poor. The healer does not attach to the result, has no expectations and makes no promises.  The healer does not consume animal products or any intoxicants including alcohol and cigarettes. In that way, energy laws are respected and the energy that flows is 100% pure.

It's a great privilege to be an instrument of this energy and experience such height of Love in the human body.. “

For more information about Mai-Tri Healing please visit or our Facebook page

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“The Grace that flows during a Mai-Tri session transcends healing - it reaches one's very essence, invoking the sacred inner balance already gifted to each one of us by the Source. Mind will never believe it could be that simple...

In the heart of our heart, beyond the karmic blueprint spread over time and space matrix, beyond all the dramas of life, there is That space within, the sacred space filled with purest Love.

Like a loving bee extracting the honey, Mai-Tri brings you the taste of that sweetest of Nectar. And to taste it is enough to remember - to remember what we are longing for deep within.

Love is the path and destination.

May we experience lasting healing through that Love..


Devi Mohan”