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Devi performing Mai-Tri Healing in Split, Croatia in April 2017

Aside from charity work and teaching Yoga, what Devi Mohan enjoys the most is energy healing. She is an instrument of a special healing technique called Mai-Tri Healing, aiming at the subtlest layer of our existence – the causal body, where the seeds of karma are stored.

In Mai-Tri Healing, the healer sets the intention of not touching the destiny aspect of karma (the prarabdha karma), which is what the soul chose to experience in this life. The healer connects with Mohanji and is a pure instrument of Grace. Payments are donation-based and 50% of the amount goes to charity, specifically to feeding of the poor. The healer does not attach to the result, has no expectations and makes no promises.  The healer does not consume animal products or any intoxicants including alcohol and cigarettes. In that way, energy laws are respected and the energy that flows is 100% pure.

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Loving warm energy penetrating deep within, all the way to the causal layer