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About Devi Mohan

Devi Mohan is a certified Yoga Instructor (E-RYT 200), a core member and senior teacher of Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga (HSTY), President of an international charity ACT Foundation and an active member of the international spiritual mission of her husband and Spiritual Master Mohanji from its onset in 2007.

Aside from conducting regular Yoga sessions at her private Yoga studio in Novi Sad, Serbia, Devi conducts Yoga workshops and seminars in Serbia and internationally, as well as Yoga and Pranayama workshops at Universities. She is very passionate about supporting and promoting Himalayan School of Traditional Yoga which is taught at Mohanji’s Yoga and Detox programs/Retreats around the globe.

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As wife of a Spiritual Master, Devi consciously chose to walk a nonconformist path of experiential spirituality (Path of Pathlessness) at all times doing her best to truly live what she preaches.

Be it by performing sacred Energy Transfers during Mohanji’s meditations, through her Yoga teaching, selfless service through ACT Foundation, or by being an instrument of Mai-Tri Healing, Devi’s highest aim is to move beyond all identities as a pure instrument of the Divine, eventually merging with the Supreme.

Her cosmopolitan outlook, several years of working experience in the United Nations, experience of war in former Yugoslavia, great ups and downs of life (including a near-death experience in 1999, years of life in Italy, USA, Middle East and frequent travels to India and other parts of the world), made Devi passionate about serving the cause of peace.

However, it was through her deep insights and life experiences that she eventually came to recognize the ancient science of Yoga and the application of its wisdom at an individual level, as her preferred way of serving peace.

Moreover, Devi recognized in Yoga and experiential spirituality a way of attaining tangible inner purification, transformation, awakening and blossoming of one’s full potential.


Devi’s background is in diplomacy and Yoga. She has a Master’s degree in Peace Studies from the United States (University of Notre Dame, Indiana) and the following certification in Yoga:

  1. 200h residential Hatha Yoga (called Sri Sri Yoga) training at the Art of Living ashram in India in 2007.

  2. 200h residential Hatha Yoga (called Nithya Yoga) training at the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam ashram in India in 2008.

  3. 200h Hatha Yoga training course meeting the international standards of the Yoga Alliance curriculum, conducted by Vidya Yoga School in Belgrade, Serbia.

  4. 200h Prenatal Yoga training course meeting the international standards of the Yoga Alliance curriculum, conducted by Divna Miljkovic (President of the Midwife Society of Serbia) in Belgrade, Serbia.